High in Colorado

High in Colorado
Photo: Mandy Lea Photo

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Photos from June 1 - August 2 (4 of 4)

Paul Hamilton eyeing the route through Pierre Lakes Basin and on to Snowmass Mountain

Ben Clark getting a little muddy on Kendall Mountain

Me climbing a crux on the Maroon Bells Traverse

A relaxing river near the Foot Bridge aid station at the Bighorn 100

Rabbit Ridge with Harvard in the distance

Wild flowers in Conundrum Valley

Paul Hamilton taking off once we reached some runnable terrain on the North Maroon descent

Album cover artwork for the Paul Hamilton-Cordis Hall duo

Cordis Hall, Bill Wright, and Peter Bakwin making their way up the 2nd Flatiron

Rush Combs and I climbing up Fandango on the 1st Flatiron (Photo: Bill Wright)

Running through the fire damage on South Boulder

Crater Lake with the Maroon Bells

Looking back at my descent path on El Diente...Straight down...

Good morning, Boulder!

Looking at the crux of the Rabbit Ridge Traverse

Stopping to smell the flower on my El Diente descent

Enjoying the cruiser trails from the summit of Harvard back to the Taco

Paul Hamilton charging up South Maroon

Nice view of Turquoise Lake from Hagerman Pass Road

Sweet view of Conundrum from Castle

Photos from June 1 - August 2 (3 of 4)

Beginning Torrey's Kelso Ridge

Nice view of the Maroon Bells as I made my way up Pyramid's west face

Mountain goats guarding the summit of Pyramid

Satan's Minions making their way up the 2nd Flatiron

Sometimes I forget just how nice the Mesa Trail really is...

Looking down one of the crux sections of Free for All

Continuing my way up the west face of Pyramid

Approaching the Maroon Bells

For some reason this is always one of my favorite views of Pyramid

On the summit of Harvard, looking at the Rabbit Ridge leading back to Columbia

Another shot from the Four Pass Loop--Between Trail Rider and Frigid Air

Mid-run soak in Conundrum Hot Springs

A rather tedious descent on the Sierra del Ramon traverse in Santiago, Chile

Satan's Minions on The Slab

Road running in the San Juans near Silverton

Heading up to Conundrum Hot Springs

Tempo workout up to nearly 12,000' elevation

Gorgeous Wyoming sunset

Climbing at The Pool Wall in Ouray, CO with Rush Combs

Island Lake

Nearing the summit of Snowmass after linking up Capitol and Snowmass (Photo: Paul Hamilton)

Photos from June 1 - August 2 (2 of 4)

Cordis Hall and Max Keith sitting atop the 1st Flatiron

Some nice flowers along the Mesa Trail

Heading up Columbia with Yale in the distance

Summit of Pyramid--Bells in the distance

Another Boulder sunrise

Snowmass Lake on the way up Trail Rider Pass

View of North Maroon and the traverse that lies ahead

Some Minions getting ready to do a morning scrambling session (Photo: Bill Wright)

A podium finish at the Hardrock Beer Mile

Running through Eldorado Canyon

View of Island Lake from Grant Swamp Pass

Max Keith knows the finish line is close at the Bighorn 100

View of the Elks Range from Castle Peak

Getting ready to descend Trail Rider Pass on the Four Pass Loop

Another shot of Island Lake

A Wyoming sunset as seen through Taco Vision

Early morning scrambling on The Spy

Ben Clark enjoying a 15 mile shakeout run in the San Juans

The initial ascent up Pyramid's west face

Aspen wasn't really thinking when they named this city park...

Getting ready for the last descent of the Sierra del Ramon traverse