High in Colorado

High in Colorado
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Monday, April 30, 2012

April Totals and April Year-to-Date Totals

April Monthly Totals:

Time—52hours 09minutes
Elevation Gain—47,400 feet

Not a bad month considering I took 9 out of 30 days completely off from running. While I may have lost a bit of the consistency I gained in March I feel that the off days will be greatly beneficial in the long run. I began an acupuncture regimen this month, which led to several of the off days for recovery, but has significantly reduced some of the nagging aches and pains I was experiencing with March’s high mileage and vertical volumes. During April I drastically reduced the weekly vertical volume both as a way to incorporate some flat, fast running and a way to train specifically for my upcoming 100 mile race, which only has about 8,000 feet of total vertical gain. Even with the low mileage, April still provided some high quality runs that should go a long way in preparing me for the Zion 100 on May 11th.  

Year-to-Date Totals:
Time—202hours 51minutes
Elevation Gain—224,950 feet

Still, not overly impressive due to extremely low mileage in January and February. I’m hoping for some quality months of running through the end of the year to come in around my goal of 4,000 miles for 2012. My average pace per mile should start to drop as well with the dry trail conditions. The first few months yielded some REALLY slow miles from postholing and what-not.  
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