High in Colorado

High in Colorado
Photo: Mandy Lea Photo

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2013 Highlights

Looking back on the past year brings up mixed feelings. A full year of funemployment and playing around in the mountains is way more fun than it sounds—and it sounds pretty damn fun. At the same time, I realize that the likelihood of topping 2013 is pretty low (but I’ll sure as hell try!). 

I started off 2013 in the bustling city of Buenos Aires. After five months of traveling around Argentinian and Chilean Patagonia I returned to the United States to enjoy Colorado’s mountains. During six months of high country shenanigans I sought out the thin air of 14,000+ feet as much as possible.  I only had one goal in 2013—get as high as possible as fast as possible. 

For what it’s worth, here are my numbers from 2013…

2013 Stats:
2,227 Miles (2,500 in 2012)
705 Hours 9 Minutes (514:40 in 2012)
663,900 Vertical Feet (524,150 in 2012)
246 Outings (255 in 2012)

14ers: 85
Green Mountain: 33 (111 Lifetime Summits)
Bear Peak: 11 (17 Lifetime Summits)
Flagstaff Mountain: 5 (129 Lifetime Summits)
South Boulder Peak: 3 (9 Lifetime Summits)
Mount Sanitas : 3 (19 Lifetime Summits)

Now I’ll leave you with my favorite photos from the past year. These are a little taste of what I have to top in 2014…

Wildflowers in Yankee Boy Basin

Wildflowers in Yankee Boy Basin


Beautiful day on Shavano and Tabeguache

River bathing in Buena Vista

Wildflowers in Yankee Boy Basin

Relaxing at iRF Headquarters

Columbines in Yankee Boy Basin

Playing around Snowmass and its sub-peaks

Treasure Falls near Pagosa Springs

On the way down from Antero

More wildflowers in Yankee Boy Basin

Sunset over Leadville

A nice lake near Snowmass

Crossing the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon

A mountain goat standing proud on Kelso Ridge

Yankee Boy Basin with Sneffels in the background

Sunrise on my way the Wilson Peak

A rest day before heading up Capitol Peak (seen in the background)

Sunrise in Canyonlands National Park

Heading up The Cables Route with Alan (Photo: Alan Smith)

Early morning haze for the Hardrock start

Turning Aspens near Little Bear Ranch

Vastness of Canyonlands NP

Where a big day in Chicago Basin begins and ends

Getting ready to cross the infamous Knife Edge of Capitol Peak

The Catwalk between Eolus and North Eolus

Scrambling up Eolus (Look close and you can see me in the photo)

Having fun around Longs Peak (Photo: Alan Smith)

Fortunately, I didn't see any while at the Grand Canyon

Fun up high in Chicago Basin

View of Capitol Lake on the Capitol Peak descent

Heading back to the Taco after tag teaming Bierstadt and Evans

View of North Maroon from the summit of Maroon Peak

Wildflowers on Mount Sopris

Thomas Lakes near Mount Sopris

Bunch of dirtbags in Piedra Parada, Argentina (Photo: Chris Reddy)

Just being a badass at the world's biggest biker bar in Sturgis, SD

Words of wisdom on the Full Throttle Saloon's bar

Buckle from Black Hills 100. My first 100 finish. 

Me and dad/crew at the Black Hills finish. Can't wait to have him crew me again sometime. 

Showing off the hardware. (Photo: Rob Timko)

Sunset over the mining ruins of Leadville

Cruising into an aid station at the Telluride Mountain Run

I measure all of my runs in units of "miles/ounce of espresso"

The Run Rabbit Run 100 Mile Dream Team at the finish line

Sun rising on my way to tackle Mount Lindsey

Sunrise in the Grand Canyon

Sun still rising in the Grand Canyon

Cool graffiti on a water storage tank near Kayenta, AZ

A snowy slog up Bear Peak with Basit and Josh (Photo: Josh Emdur)

Sunset from Refugio Frey in Argentina

Set setting on Bariloche, Argentina

Playing in the mountains near Refugio Frey, Argentina

Lago Schmoll near Refugio Frey, Argentina

Some sweet trails leading back to Refugio Frey, Argentina

Looking down on Refugio Frey (near the water) after a short-but-sweet scramble

Sweet view of a volcano on the way up Catedral Sur near Frey

Circle of life in Piedra Parada

Asado time in Piedra Parada!

Mountains, and glaciars, and lakes, oh my! Fitz Roy with Laguna de los Tres. 

Glacial lake near Fitz Roy

View of Paso de las Agachonas from Mirador Loma del Pligue Tumbado in El Chalten, Argentina

El Fin del Mundo. Standing on the shores of Isla Navarino looking across the Beagle Channel towards Argentina. 

Running the Dientes de Navarino circuit. 

Sunset from the shores of Puerto Williams on Isla Navarino

Puerto Williams is a long ways away from most places...

An old war ship turned into a fine drinking establishment in Puerto Williams, Chile. 

Plaza de la Virgen. Starting point for the Dientes de Navarino circuit

Sunset outside of Fort Collins

Sunset outside of Fort Collins

Bailing on Peak One with Mike due to a large cornice near the summit

Nothing better than warming your feet by a nice, hot fire

Cruising to Elbert's summit (Photo: Mike Ambrose)

Celebrating my last night at Refugio Frey

Chorillo del Salto near El Chalten

One of the few stretches of runnable trail near Ushuaia, Argentina

An easy day up to the Royal Arch with Kim and Stephanie

A little dip in the awesome lakes of Bariloche, Argentina

El Chalten with Fitz Roy in the background. One of my favorite places on earth. 

Looking down on Ushuaia, Argentina from high up in the nearby mountains. 

Dodging traffic in Buenos Aires, Argentina

The jagged peaks surrounding Refugio Frey

Embracing the Argentinian way of life

Standard Green Mountain summit shot (Photo: Robbie Pike)

Barging up Greys and Torreys (Photo: David Ponak)

Safe from the brutally cold temperatures and winds at the summit of Pikes

Sending up dreams from a hammock in Piedra Parada, Argentina

View of Manhattan from Brooklyn

Torreys and its inviting Kelso Ridge

Standing atop Handies Peak


  1. Wow. Really, an amazing year. Hard to top, and not even sure you need to.

    1. Thanks, GZ. I'll top 2013. Maybe not in 2014, but eventually I'll top it.

  2. wooow, beautiful photos, in what month you went to Navarino Island?

    1. Thank you, Alehandra! I was on Isla Navarino during the month of March. The weather changes very rapidly there. I had a few days of beautiful, sunny weather and then it rained and was cold for several days. Then a few days later it was sunny and beautiful again. The island is a great place. If you have any questions let me know and I will try to answer them for you. I can recommend a great hostel for you too.