High in Colorado

High in Colorado
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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Weeks in Review: May 26 - June 15

Week in Review: June 9-15
Monday, June 9th
PM—4 Miles—0:32—0’—Orrick Roads

Tuesday, June 10th   

Wednesday, June 11th  

Thursday, June 12th
AM—9.5 Miles—1:49—2,600’—Green Mountain
Up Bear Canyon and down Ranger/Gregory.

Friday, June 13th
AM—8 Miles—2:30—2,900’—Estes Cone (11,007’)
Easy effort up/down with Matt Trappe. Really windy.

PM—5 Miles—1:40—1,450—RMNP Hiking for Photos

Saturday, June 14th  
AM—4.5 Miles—1:40—1,300’—RMNP Hiking for Photos

PM—4.5 Miles—1:00—800’—RMNP and Lily Lake Hiking for Photos

Sunday, June 15th
AM—5 Miles—2:00—600’—RMNP Hiking

PM—7.5 Miles—2:00—2,700’—Twin Sisters (11,428’)
Easy up and down. Really windy at the saddle.

Weekly Totals
Miles—47.5 Miles
Time— 13 hours 12 minutes
Elevation Gain— 12,350 feet

Week in Review: June 2-8
Monday, June 2nd
AM—6 Miles—2:29—2,500’—Green Mountain
Up 2nd Flatiron/NE Ridge and down Ranger/Gregory. Really easy effort in anticipation of tomorrow’s snow climb.

Tuesday, June 3rd   
AM—14.5 Miles—4:20—2,350’—Apache Peak Bailout
David and I tried to get up the Queen’s Way on Apache Peak, but crappy snow conditions and a late start led us to turn around.

Wednesday, June 4th  
PM—3 Miles—0:22—0’—Orrick Roads

Thursday, June 5th
PM—2 Miles—0:15—250’—Weidinger Ranch Roads

Friday, June 6th
AM—16 Miles—2:06—700’—Highway 63
I honestly have no idea no road cyclists get any joy with cars whizzing past at 70 MPH…

Saturday, June 7th  
AM—1.5 Miles—0:11—50’—Columbia, MO Roads

Sunday, June 8th
PM—2 Miles—0:15—0’—Orrick Roads

Weekly Totals
Time— 10 hours 01 minutes
Elevation Gain— 5,850  feet

Week in Review: May 26 – June 1
Monday, May 26th
AM—10 Miles—1:26—700’—Creek Path
From Settlers Park to the end, twice.

Tuesday, May 27th  
AM—3 Miles—1:51—1,900’—2nd Flatiron (x2)
One super mellow lap and one 15 minute lap.

Wednesday, May 28th
AM—9 Miles—3:01—3,800’—Flagstaff Mountain, Green Mountain, and 2nd Flatiron
David and I went out for a lap of Flagstaff and Green. Then we parted ways and I headed up for a hot, sweaty trip up the 2nd.

Thursday, May 29th
AM—11 Miles—2:53—4,200’—Green Mountain (x2) and Flagstaff Mountain
I took an easy ascent up the backside of Green before descending the frontside on shitty legs. I didn’t seem to have much energy at all. Shortly after the new ladder installment on Saddlerock I ran into JV and Juerek and felt obligated to joint them for another trip to the summit. My legs started to feel a little better this time around. We descending the West Ridge and Long Canyon before heading over to the summit of Flagstaff. I was glad to finally have some decent energy in my legs for the trip down.

Friday, May 30th
AM—3.6 Miles—0:30—100’—Bike Paths

Saturday, May 31st
PM—5.5 Miles—1:09—1,400’—Flagstaff Mountain (x2)

Sunday, June 1st
AM—2.5 Miles—0:29—550’—Panorama Point

Weekly Totals
Time— 11 hours 21 minutes
Elevation Gain— 12,650 feet

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