High in Colorado

High in Colorado
Photo: Mandy Lea Photo

Monday, November 12, 2012

Random Running Photos--Carbondale, CO and Moab, UT

Here's a collection of random photos from some of my runs over the past few weeks. Enjoy!
Mount Sopras near Carbondale, CO

Mount Sopras

Trans La Sal Trail near Moab, UT. Hard to believe the desert is only ~15 minutes away...

Negro Bill Canyon near Moab, UT

Morning Glory Natural Bridge near Moab, UT

Hidden Valley Trail near Moab, UT

Hidden Valley Trail

View of the La Sals from Hidden Valley Trail

Sunset at Shay Mountain near Monticello, UT


  1. Thomas Lakes is a great trail. I really need to get up to the summit(s), but I need a good block of time, it looks rocky from treeline.

  2. It does get pretty rocky from treeline. There was a considerable amount of snow when I tried to summit, which made for some fairly cold feet in the absence of socks. So, I turned around shortly after getting above treeline. Gorgeous area, though.