High in Colorado

High in Colorado
Photo: Mandy Lea Photo

Monday, June 30, 2014

Photos--April 28th to June 15th

Leap of faith on the 2nd Flatiron

Shimmying up the 2nd Flatiron (Photo: David Ponak)

Typical drive through Kansas

Sunrise on my way up the 2nd Flatiron

View of the 3rd Flatiron while scrambling up the 2nd

First day back in Boulder after being gone for a while. It's always great to see this view.

Scrambling up the 2nd (Photo: David Ponak)

Approaching the Queens Way route on Apache Peak

Sunset from the Ponak's back porch

I spent a lot of time pulling plastic at the climbing gym during June

Enjoying another late season snow on Green Mountain

Struggling up Torreys with Peter (Photo: Peter Jones)

Playing in the snowy Indian Peaks

David charging down like a barbarian

On top of Estes Cone with Longs Peak in the background (Photo: Matt Trappe)

Missouri farm life

Relaxing stroll around Lily Lake

Lily Lake with Longs Peak and Estes Cone in the background

When trail running goes wrong...

Green Mountain summit (Photo: David Ponak)

View of the 3rd Flatiron from near the top of the 1st

David scouting the Queens Way route up Apache

This sneaky little bastard was trying to lick my ice ax while I removed my crampons...

The second route I've ever led--65-feet 5.8 Glennevere at the Watermark crag in Boulder Canyon

Struggling to keep up with Peter on the three miles of road to the summer trailhead of Grays and Torreys (Photo: Peter Jones)

Indian Peaks

Lily Lake

Bailing on our attempt up the Queens Way

Green Mountain summit (Photo: David Ponak)

First climbing route I've ever led! The 80-feet 5.8 Lothlorien. Slabby fun!

More struggling up Torreys (Photo: Peter Jones)

Indian Peaks

Looking down on Boulder after scrambling up the 2nd

David leading the way towards Apache Peak

Gotta love the late season snows in the Front Range

Heading towards Apache Peak

Traversing across a raging Boulder Creek to get to the Watermark crag for some climbing (Photo: David Ponak)

Indian Peaks

David shimmying across the Creek in Boulder Canyon

Snowy trails are always fun. Especially when you're first tracks...

Standing on the summit of Torreys after grunting up the entire way (Photo: Peter Jones)

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