High in Colorado

High in Colorado
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Friday, August 19, 2011

Sightseeing in Ollantaytambo

“The village of Ollantaytambo is the best surviving example of an Inca town” or at least that’s what our guide told us... Apparently damn near everything in the village is exactly as it was built in the Inca times: stonework, street plan, cobble-stone streets, family courtyards, water system, etc. I’m not quite sure if all the old ladies and little kids trying to sell hand-crafts and Gatorade were there back in the Inca times; I forgot to ask that question.   

Anyways, we wandered around the village for a bit and explored more Inca ruins (mostly agricultural terraces). Not too much to say so I’ll just show a few photos of the area.

Street in Ollantaytambo

Agricultural terraces


View from atop the terraces

Still atop the terraces

Valley view

Still atop the terraces

Last one.
We piled into the bus again to drive about 45 minutes on roads that likely were never meant for charter bus travel. I thought we were going to go over the edge a few times, but the driver didn’t seem too concerned so I shrugged it off. Eventually we reached the end of the road, kilometer 82 Piscacucho, where we would begin our run for the day.

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