High in Colorado

High in Colorado
Photo: Mandy Lea Photo

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

October Monthly Totals

Miles -- 240 miles

Time -- 48h 34min
Elevation Gain -- 66,200 feet

Pretty amazing month of running especially when you consider that this was only my first month of running since moving to Boulder. The first week was more hiking intensive since I was still acclimating to the altitude. As the month progressed I began to run more-and-more and really started to notice an overall reduction in perceived effort during my runs. With the exception of my time in South America earlier this year, the total elevation gain I achieved each week in October exceeded the highest montly total elevation gain I've had year-to-date.

Of course, just as I was starting to really find my mountain running mojo I took a nasty fall out on the trails. During the Basic Boulder Mountain Marathon on the 29th I was making my way down Shadow Canyon, which is a particularly technical and steep section of trail, when I caught my Microspikes on a rock and proceeded to fall down a stone staircase...Fortunately another rock was there to break my fall. I ended up busting my left knee open pretty bad and caused some instantaneous swelling. It's now four days later and neither the swelling nor pain have subsided much. Perhaps it's time to go see a doctor?


  1. Hey, just wondering how the knee story turned out? Bummer you had to win Day's "Best" Injury at the Basic, and I saw the doc request go out on the BTR mail list, but was hoping it just involved some R&R and it would be all good.

  2. Hey Jeff. Thanks for the concern regarding my knee. It is probably about 90-95% healed up now. I ran this past Thursday for the first time in 19 days and it felt OK. There was still a little pain remaining, but it is mostly gone after my runs on Friday and Saturday. I'm fairly certain it was just an extreme case of bursitis. Hopefully I'll be back to my regular running weeks after Thanksgiving. I hope the trails have been treating you well.