High in Colorado

High in Colorado
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Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Little Break

Well, I let it happen again. A couple of months go by and the only thing I post about is cutting off my beard. In my defense, since Leadville I haven’t really done much running. I suppose that even after a DNF at mile 76 my legs still endured enough trauma to contribute towards a lingering fatigue which only now seems to be dissipating. 

Since Leadville I’ve probably only ran 100-150 miles (not much at all). I’ll have great outings where I feel strong and fast as ever, but follow them up with several days of extremely lethargic, seemingly never-ending runs.

I took the past week off completely. Not one step of running. For now, it seems to have worked. My legs have felt great the past three days and the fatigue seems to be nearly gone. Guess I’ll just have to take things day-by-day. 

Here are some photos of my outings dating back to a few pre-race day runs in Leadville back in mid-August…
One last Green summit run before Leadville
Heading up Hope Pass in the days prior to Leadville
Hope Pass run
Hope Pass run
Llamas on the way up Hope Pass
Hope Pass run
Nearing the top of Hope Pass
Running amongst the Aspens on the way down Hope
Sunrise over Turquoise Lake
Sunset on a week in Leadville
Cool climb next to a waterfall in Tensleep Canyon, Wyoming
Awesome lake in the Cloud Peak Wilderness, Wyoming
First long-haul road trip in the Taco
South (left) and North (right) Arapaho Peaks
View from the South to North Arapaho Peak traverse
Arapaho glacier
Aspens turning!
Nothing like an early morning run on some nice, buttery smooth singletrack...
Crewing Jason Schlarb at the Rub Rabbit Run 100 Miler...Crewing isn't as easy as it looks...

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