High in Colorado

High in Colorado
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Monday, October 1, 2012

Deconstructing the Beard

Well, what started out as my routine it's-cold-in-the-winter-a-beard-keeps-my-face-pretty-warm beard somehow evolved into a year-long growth that would almost put ZZ Top to shame. For the year anniversary I decided to let the beard and the ole faithful beard trimmer duke it out for bragging rights. It was pretty epic battle, but ultimately the beard didn't stand a chance...Fortunately, a war correspondent was on hand to capture this moment through photographs. Let's take a look...

Photo prior to the "Year of the Beard"
Eying my sworn enemy
The year-long beard preparing for battle

I tried hacking away to make some nice chops to no avail

Barely there chops

Barely there chops
Proof that I could be a badass biker dude...If I wanted...

Tried to wax the 'stache, but it just looked ridiculous...

Crazy long chin hair
Not sure what I was going for here

Too soon?

A year's worth of beard hair and a lot of dry skin

Looks like the trusty beard trimmer won this time...

The beginning of Year of the Beard - Round 2? We'll see...


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